The Physical Exam, How to be Better

As PA students we are taught a great deal of about the value of the physical exam. In addition, we spend significantly more time learning about it than most MD/DO programs.... but as with most things in PA school... too much information in too little time. It is much like drinking from a fire hose on full blast. Bates is a great resource to read, but I'm a visual learner. YouTube has tons of videos, but sometimes the hunt for a good video is tiring and often it doesn't paint the whole picture.

Luckily I came across The Stanford 25. The authors of this site came up with 25 bedside clinical evaluations that were important to them and came up with a video/text all about the subjects. Very helpful. Some videos are a little dated, but they have updated the pages with pertinent, newer videos.

All the links are on the right. Good luck.

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