A New Language Called Psych

Today was the first day of my psych rotation and I was put on the consult team to start. The consult team spends most of its time in the ED interviewing new patients and deciding whether or not to admit them. The interviews are long and often times I feel like they are in another language. There is no way that I will be able to remember all of the things that I need to ask a new patients...

Resident: "Does the patient currently have a therapist?" 
Me: "I didn't ask.... I'll be right back."
Resident: "Does the patient have tactile hallucinations?"
Me: "Uh, I'll be right back."

I wish I were kidding. Perhaps by Week 3 I'll have it all down - but until then I was introduced to this wonderful cheat sheet that most of the residents use in the room with the patients. The first is my favorite, but I have attached 2 more... different strokes for different folks. Enjoy.

Documents from: www.medfools.com under the "download" section.


  1. Must share this. I am currently in Marksville, LA where I noticed a sign today for the "Cutting Edge Community Mental Health Center." Now, also in Marksville my gym doubles as a U-Haul truck rental center. So I am not sure EXACTLY what goes on at the Cutting Edge Center, but it does give one pause!

  2. My post on cutting edge mental health in rural Louisiana.

  3. Hey, Hi! Haven't touched base with you for awhile. Glad to see this post. Years ago, I spent a year doing inpatient and outpatient Psych in rural Kansas. Probably the most intense and learning rich environment of my career. (I appreciate it now more than when I was in the weeds.) One of my mentors told me that I needed to notice everything - and then to pay attention to it. He was right. Take care.

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