Networking without Business Cards

This is a blog entry that I wrote for the aapa11 blog at the 2011 American Academy of Physician Assistants conference in Las Vegas! I will be tweeting my experiences and remain a guest on the aapa11 blog for the week. I will repost my entries here but if you get a chance check out their blog.  http://aapa11.blogspot.com/

Networking without Business Cards…(Welcome New AAPA11 Blogger Bianca Belcher!)

As a PA student, the opportunity to meet a future preceptor or co-worker is part of the appeal of attending the big show. Unfortunately, many PA programs do not provide their students with business cards.  So how can you still network effectively?
Well…You could try writing your email address on a napkin or scrap of paper and hope that it doesn’t get lost 15 minutes later, but there is a better way… The wireless business card.
First, add your own contact information to your cell phone’s contact list. Most smart phones have a very simple way to then share that contact information with someone else. With the iPhone for example, once you have clicked on a contact you can scroll to the bottom of the screen where you are given the option to “share contact”.
Second, simply ask your new network connection for their email address or their cell number, then you will be able to instantly share all of your information (email, phone numbers, website, blogs, etc).
Now, not only have you distributed your information to them, but you have also gotten their contact information as well. It is good practice to follow up after the conference with a brief thank you that will not only show appreciation for their time, but also serve as a little reminder of who you are and what you talked about. Happy networking!
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