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Yesterday something interesting happened at the AOR meeting. The morning session was dedicated to voting on our “stance” or position if you will on some subjects to be voted on in the HOD. The topics included 1) Looking at the impact of paying PA preceptors, 2) Recommending further research on the MD/DO Bridge programs, 3) Changing the verbiage on the student protection protocol, and the one that surprisingly (to me) got the most dialogue…
AAPA supports legislature that bans the use of hand-held telecommunication devices while operating a moving vehicle except in emergency situations.
This seemed like a no-brainer to me, but to my surprise, there was objection. One argument stated that the AAPA should not have a stance on these types of subjects. The arguer stated, “Why shouldn’t the AAPA take a stance on tire pressure or other road safety issues?”
While I appreciate all arguments and courage to get up and speak at the microphone –I must beg to differ with the message. This issue directly impact us as health care providers. First, the time, money, and resources spent in the ED on collisions involving texting should satisfy the objective link between PAs and this subject. Second, although sometimes we forget because we operate so freely under the medical model (one patient, one provider) – we are all public health servants as well… preventionist.
Historically, medical organizations have had stances on many public safety issues such as bike/motorcycle helmet use, drinking and driving, and smoking in public places. I don’t think now is the time for the AAPA to fall silent.  Support the legislature.

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