AAPA Conference Closing Remarks

At opening ceremony
last entry from the aapa11 blog.
I loved IMPACT. I was energized and inspired each and everyday by people in my profession. It all started with the enthusiasm of the opening ceremony. I was impressed with President Patrick Killeen’s heart felt speech and his passion for the profession. The video segments of the award winners played during the ceremony were also a great addition. The AOR meeting gave me the opportunity to meet some of the current and future student leaders as well as become part of the SAAPA Board. I loved the Leadership Conference that was put on by Josh Newton (soon-to-be past SAAPA VP). He was able to get great speakers such as President-elect Robert Wooten and Michelle DiBaise to share their advice on being an effective leader. The Challenge Bowl was thoroughly entertaining and I was also fortunate to meet so many PA pioneers and hear their words of wisdom. I must admit that one of the most impressive things about IMPACT was the accessibility and approachability of our leaders.  Thanks to the AAPA for a great week. See you in Toronto 2012.
Northeast Region AOR Representative - An Inspirational Bunch

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