Best Books to Study for the PANCE and the Reason Why

Just a quick resource post. The clinical coordinator at Northeastern, Rebecca Scott, Ph.D, PA-C recommended to us some resources to study for the PANCE. She recommended the following books over others that are out there because these books focus on using "test bank" questions, while the others do not guarantee this. The first 2 books have the essential points broken down by chapter and the 3rd book, I believe, just has questions. I have used the AAPA/PAEA as a study guide and it has been very helpful. All are about $40-50 new on Amazon.

1. AAPA/PAEA Comprehensive Review BookISBN-10: 1605477265 
2. Auth & Kerstein - Physician Assistant ReviewISBN-10: 0781783607
3. Miller - Lange Q & AISBN-10: 0071628282
Happy studying!

*Disclaimer: Rebecca Scott is the author of several chapters in the above books, but does not receive compensation for books purchased.


  1. Hi, thank you for the blog! I just recently started the program and it's butt kicking!! :( I just had my first module exam and I bombed it. I just found out today that our exams are PANCE questions based so I was not prepared for it. I'm going to invest of those books to guide me and familiarize myself with these kind of questions. Thank you so much for putting these book out there, just did not know which book was best.

  2. No problem! As I come across more pertinent info I'll continue to add to the list. Don't worry abt the failed module! I don't think I passed my first one either. You will adjust and be successful. Good luck!