Pediatric Rotation Prep

As I have mentioned before, I have my pediatric rotation 1st.  Here are some of the things that I have found in prep books to get me ready...

What should I have in my pockets?
2-Ophthalmoscope (unless you are in a pediatric clinic because they most likely will have it available - but it wouldn't hurt to have it on the first day just in case)
3-Otoscope with different sized tips (again, unless you are in a ped clinic)
4-pen light
5-tongue blade
6-calculator (or ped dosage calc app)
7-TOY for distraction (I picked up a toy otoscope)
8-Fun stickers (completely optional but I had great success bribing kids with stickers when I worked in pediatric O&P)

Some high yield topics to brush up on?
1-Otitis media vs otitis externa
5-Fever management
7-Developmental milestones
8-Infant nutrition
9-Lead poisoning
10-Congenital heart dz
*By no means exhaustive but a good start- check with someone else who has already completed your rotation before and ask questions!  Is there a particular population or diagnoses that is typical of that rotation? For example, my preceptor is known for working with kids with behavioral problems so I will definitely be brushing up on ADD/ADHD treatments and risk factors.

General Pearls:
a-Crawling is NOT considered a developmental milestone because some babies skip this step
b-General rule - babies triple in wt and double in ht in the 1st year
c-Best trick that I've found to remember causes of cyanotic heart dz:

5 Major Causes of Cyanotic Heart Dz
(All T's - 5 fingers on your hand)
1 finger up - Truncus arteriosus (1 = 1 vessel)
2 fingers up - Transposition of the great vessels (2 = 2 vessels transposed)
3 fingers up - Tricuspid atresia (3 = Tri)
4 fingers up - Tetralogy of Fallot (4 = Tetra)
5 fingers up -Total anomalous pulmonary venous return (5 = 5 words)

Resource: First Aid for the Wards 4th ed, plus some others

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