P!nk's Contribution to My PA Student Experience

As I hopped off the T this morning with headphones on and a coffee in hand and began the walk to my Medical Therapeutics final - I was feeling a bit stressed and unprepared. Medical Therapeutics is a class that culminates everything that you learn in PA school. It is a case-based class. You are given some information- you create a problem list and request labs/tests. You are given the test/lab results plus some more information - then you write out what your next step would be. This goes on and on until the final diagnosis and treatment are reached.  We have had cases that ranged from hematology to neurology and everything in between. The case for the exam could have been about anything. I was starting to feel anxious...  And then it happened... the iPod-God spoke to me. As I reached the front door of the building, my iPhone shuffled to Let's Get The Party Started by P!nk. (I never thought P!nk would contribute to my mental well-being as a PA student.) It was a mysterious sign that made me chuckle, but a sign nonetheless. I needed to stop stressing. I was ready to get this party started.

1 hour later: I came. I saw. I conquered. Although I didn't get every possible differential, I did gain an immense amount of confidence because all of the ones that I did come up with were well thought out - and at this point in my career, I am OK with that. Differentials will get better and more inclusive with time and experience. I am just amazed how much we have learned in one year and that in 3 weeks I will using my new skills to see real pint-sized patients.

Now... Only ACLS stands between me and my PA-S2.

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