'Tis the Season for Giving...

Northeastern has a great clinical rotation collaboration with the Shattuck hospital in MA. They offer several great rotations in in-patient medicine and ambulatory care to our students. The patient population consists of mostly uninsured, homeless, or immigrant patients without other options of healthcare. The Shattuck has a great volunteer service that collects clothing donations and distributes them to in-need patients. Our PA classes (1st and 2nd year) decided that it would be great to create an annual clothing drive around the holiday season as a "Thank you" for providing us with such great rotations as well as help out the patient population in a small way.

This year was the 1st Annual Shattuck Clothing Drive! What is your program doing to give back during the holidays? 'Tis the season for giving.


  1. Our local affiliate, WNYPAA, is hosting two families for the holidays. Members are donating gifts for the parents and children as well as gift cards for grocery stores and other needs.


  2. excellent! i have reposted the link to my twitter account! great project.