Dermatology Tutorials

Dermatology. You either love it or hate it. I haven't found many people in between. I hate it. Most everything looks like eczema to me (especially in pediatrics). Some people just have a gift for rash recognition... like interior designers that can talk a length about the difference between egg shell, cream, and off.  ...It all looks white to me.

I found a great Dermatology site put together by The Univ of Wisconsin-Madison with tutorials and excellent descriptions of macules/papules/etc. I love this site because it is SIMPLE - just enough information for me to intelligibly answer my friends' questions about "this strange rash" that just appeared on their stomach - but not enough for me to become a dermatology expert. Perfect.

This is the main menu for the Tutorials.
There is a description as well as several pictures that can be enlarged by clicking on them.

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