Senioritis, Didactic Year Burnout

Senioritis. I wasn't convinced that it could happen in 1 year. I am here to tell you that it can. I have about 7 weeks left to my didactic year and I'm spent. As far as I can tell, many of my classmates have hit the wall as well. My mind is tired. I'm a bit of a knowledge addict. Always have been. I like to read everything that I can find on every subject, but currently I am finding it difficult to read the bare minimum. Perhaps my brain is full. You come into PA school on a high... revved up and ready to learn. Your excitement (or shear terror) gets you through the first couple semesters, but as you near the end... burnout becomes a factor.

PA school is an amazing experience and the end result of getting the C after the PA and having the ability to see patients is what it is all about. I think the only way to get through all of this is to remember the end goal and seek support in classmates and friends/family. I share this feeling/experience because as a student, you will feel this. It might come earlier or later, it may be short-lived or a semester long... but, to be honest, I haven't met very many PA students who haven't experienced this. Expect it, stay positive, and get through it. Students graduate each year proving that it can be done.

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