Ultrasound, My New Obsession

I have never used an ultrasound machine, but I am fascinated by the possibilities of its use. We recently had a 4 hour lecture/lab on the uses of ultrasound in the ED and I was immediately hooked. Unfortunately, like a lot of PA school, we only get a taste of many subjects and we rely on our clinicals to gain more knowledge - but I am, by nature, impatient. It is the curse of a Type-Aer.

So if you are like me or you were just curious about ultrasound - when it is used? how to use a machine? how to read an ultrasound image? (or if you are avoiding reading what is actually due this week) Check out some of the absolutely amazing sites that I found for ultrasound tutorials.

Ultrasound Guide for Emergency Physicians, An Intro
Beatrice Hoffmann, MD, PhD, RDMS

Society of Ultrasound in Medical Education
[Learning Modules]

Detection of Pleural Effusion - Ultrasound

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  1. LOVED learning the STAT ultrasound technique when I was with a CT Surgeon (even though I went kicking and -almost- screaming to the classes. It was fascinating. It's fun to read about you having fun.