Staying Organized in PA School and After

I thrive on structure and organization. Without it... yikes. Two FREE services that help me stay organized in every aspect of my life are Evernote and Dropbox. The best part is that both are available in 3 locations:  online, iPhone/Droid apps, and in a downloadable version to computer so that you can work offline.

It was an invaluable tool for me during my didactic year and has continued to be crucial during my rotations. It allows for easier document sharing for group projects. For example, if multiple people are working on a paper/ppt, I used to have send multiple emails to everyone with the most updated version... not with Dropbox or Evernote. Now everyone can edit the same copy and it is updated instantly. For clinical rotations... I keep outlines, PowerPoints, anatomy pictures, and quick references in my Dropbox and Evernote so that they are easily accessible from my phone. Evernote has a great feature called WebClipper that allows you to save a URL or an entire webpage to your Evernote account with one click - this is really helpful when doing research.



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