Learning Radiology

LearningRadiology.com has been putting out a fantastic video podcast for a couple of years now. Dr. Herring has created a great series podcasts that teaches you how to read different types of studies, quizzes you on the "most common" diagnosis in a flashcard style, and lastly, quizzes you on "good calls and pitfalls" - essentially he will show you a film and give you the diagnosis that was originally given to the pt and asks you whether it is the right or wrong diagnosis. It is incredibly interesting and he does an amazing job at explaining and zooming in on the areas that he is talking about. I highly recommend it. I have learned a lot during my commute to work on the T thanks to this podcast. Below are some screen shots...

In addition, the LearningRadiology website also has outstanding resources such as ppt of common radiological dx, Weekly Cases, and Quizzes.

Each podcast has a brief overview 

He always points out exactly what he is referring to which makes it easy to learn

Explanation of his point
From the website

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