My OB/GYN Rotation...

I'm tired. I am currently in my 3rd week of my OB/GYN rotation. 12hrs a day and a 26hr on-call every 4th day (including weekends). Did I mention, I'm tired? Student hours aren't super fun. I'm looking forward to my first job - and after this experience... NO q4day-call will definitely be part of my contract negotiation. Ok, enough whining... let me tell you about the cool parts of the rotation....

My first week was pretty slow. I didn't see any deliveries, but I did get to spend a couple days observing GYN surgeries -- and this is where I made my first mistake of the rotation. I was so amped up about learning every little detail about the surgeries that I was going in on (techniques, indications, complications, etc) - that I forgot to look up information on the patient. I know better, I really do... but for some reason after introducing myself to the patient before wheeling her into the OR, I never went back to read up on her chart. Big mistake.

The first thing out of the surgeon's mouth was, "Tell me about my last 2 office appointments with this patient." "Um, I don't know." "Tell me why the patient decided on this procedure instead of another option." "Um, I don't know." "What else has this patient tried before this procedure?" "Um, I don't know." The whole encounter took probably 5 minutes, but it felt like eternity. Luckily, there was a medical student in on the case with me (equally as clueless) so we were able to share the wrath of the surgeon nicely. The surgeon sternly told us never to enter her OR again without being prepared. Sweet, I thought, I guess my hours of reading up on the procedure didn't count at this very second as "preparation" and I thought better of telling her this... after all, she was right. Even though as students we feel like we need to know everything about everything... we have to remember the patients are most important. Needless to say, I haven't made that mistake again.

On a lighter note... my first weekend call on L&D (labor & delivery) was out of control. I assisted in 7 deliveries in 1 day. It was nuts. I was able to deliver the placenta for 4 of the first 6 deliveries and on the last one I delivered the baby hand-over-hand with the OB.  Since, I have been a part of 4 more vaginal births and 3 C-sections. My last vaginal birth was solo (of course the MD was close by), but I got to deliver by myself which was ridiculously amazing and intense. C-sections are fun -  as a student you will retract, cut sutures, help clean inside the uterus to be sure that there isn't placenta left behind, and assist in closing the abdomen (sutures/staples).

All and all this rotation as been good so far, but I am looking forward to Ambulatory Med (and Amb Med hours!) next. When prepping for your OB/GYN rotation.... just know that you will consume more coffee and sleep less hours than ever before. C'est la vie.


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