A Little About DIC...

What is DIC (disseminated intravascular coagulation)?
-large scale clotting that uses up coagulation factors leading to hemorrhage
-it is not a disease
-it results from other conditions that cause endothelial damage or the release of thrombogenic substances into the circulation

What is the difference between acute and chronic forms?
Acute = severe, rapidly fatal, usually dominated by bleeding
Chronic = reversible, dominated by Clotting, initial clotting usually involves vessels of brain/heart/lungs which can lead to ischemia

Most common causes of DIC? (in no particular order)
1. Major Trauma 
          (Surgery, burns - causes diffuse endothelial damage)
2. Tumors 
          (Granules of leukemic cells and mucin from adenocarcinomas can directly activate the coag cascade)
3. OB complications
          (Placenta contains thrombogenic substances that induce clotting when released into circulation during OB complications)
4. Sepsis
          (Bacterial toxins can directly activate coag cascade and induce endothelial damage)

Picture source: http://images.rheumatology.org/viewphoto.php?albumId=75674&imageId=2861555
Source: Hardcore: Pathology by Wahl

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