Interested in Becoming a Surgical PA?

If you are interested in becoming a surgical PA - you should definitely check out the American Association of Surgical PAs (AASPA). Their website if a wealth of information for all types of surgical PAs - trauma, CT surg, burn, head and neck, and neurosurgery - just to name a few. If you click on the subtype that you are interested in, a fairly generic job description will pop up along with job qualifications and general duties and responsibilities. These contain good "buzz" words when it comes time to spruce up your cover letter and resume.

What else does the site contain?

Fellows = $150/yr (PA-C/graduates only)
Residents = $80/yr
Students = $75 (good for your entire time as a student!)

Disclaimer: I was not asked to promote this group nor do I receive compensation for doing so.

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