2011 PA Salaries

Advance for NPs and PAs in a site/magazine that puts out salary data each year for NPs and PAs based on surveys. It is a good way to gain general knowledge about salaries in your area, but keep in mind the numbers are based on a voluntary survey.

These salaries can seem inflated or even below average because it is largely dependent on how many people answer the survey. If one plastic surgery PA answered the survey and stated that s/he made $200K, it would look like plastics PAs were some of the best paid - when in reality, this is not true. Also, if 10 family practice PAs answered and most of them were around $85K, but 2 only make $70K that would drop the average even though those 2 might be anomalies.

Take home: Look at the data. Consider it. Don't consider it the end all be all. The best way to get an idea of salaries in your location and specialty is to ask people that work in the field. I don't recommend walking up to a PA and asking them what they make. You won't make many friends that way. But you can ask them what they think the salary range would be for a new grad working in their department with your skill set.

Source: http://nurse-practitioners-and-physician-assistants.advanceweb.com/Web-Extras/Online-Extras/The-2012-National-Salary-Survey-of-NPs-PAs.aspx

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