Note Taking on Your iPad

I must confess upfront that I am a Mac-o-holic. If I'm not on my iPhone or my iPad, then I'm working on my MacBook. I've had several people ask me how I use my iPad to take notes - and until recently I didn't have a great answer. I primarily used it to read text books and articles - but now that I've discovered Notability, I also use it to take notes.

Notability is a pretty wonderful app with good ratings and I haven't been disappointed with it yet. Now, of course, every app has it's flaws... but for what I use it for - I love it. It allows you to write out your notes on a "sheet of paper" and create a PDF or email it to yourself. You can also import PDFs (great for note taking on PDF'd ppts that you get in class. With the current version you can only import PDFs, but they are working on adding .doc and .ppt files to the mix soon. It also syncs with Dropbox to back up all of your notes or import files.

I have added some screen shots below. I'd love to hear if anyone has found something better out there - shoot me and email or add a comment.

And best of all, as of now, the app is only 99 cents!

There are several customizable features - pen and highlighter color and thickness as well as the addition of voice notes.

The mini window allows you to write smaller notes, thus getting more on each page (this will come in handy if you wish to print out your notes).

Disclaimer: I was not asked to write this review, nor do I receive anything if you buy it. Just wanted to share!


  1. Curious - do you use a stylus? I would love to move over to only taking notes on my iPad, but my handwriting is unreadable when I use my finger. Would love some suggestions as to a good stylus. Thanks!

  2. I do use a stylus - but I haven't found one that I love yet. I am currently using the iHome stylus. Takes some getting used to for sure. Thanks for the comment!

  3. Bianca, I have been using my iPad for taking notes the entire time i've been in PA school. I have recruited about 12 of my classmates to do the same (i'm also a mac-o-holic). I really love the bamboo stylus for iPad, it has some weight to it which makes it feel like a real pen, and the best part is the stylus tip is smaller than any of the other ones I checked out, its much easier to be exact in your writing and glides very easy. I recommend it.


    1. Oh and by the way I love Notability... its the only app that I have used, and I still have found it the best fit for writing notes.

  4. DJ- Thanks for the tip! I have been looking for a thinner-tipped stylus. I'm pumped. Gonna order one today. Good luck with your remainder of PA school!