The PANCE need-to-knows for the stomach are: GERD, gastritis, neoplasms, peptic ulcer dz, pyloric stenosis. That's it for the stomach! Studying seems so much more manageable once you see lists broken down.

I am going to set today's blog up a little differently. I will pose the questions and then you can try to answer them. Scroll down to find the answers.


1. What is gastritis?
2. What causes it?
3. What might you see clinically?
4. What labs/tests might you consider ordering?
5. How do you treat it?

1. inflammation of the stomach
2. imbalance of the "protective" factors in the stomach such as: mucus, bicarb, prostaglandins, mucosal blood flow, etc. - this can be due to autoimmune conditions, H.Pylori, NSAIDs, stress, ETOH
3. dypepsia, abdominal pain, other s/sx that reflect the underlying cause
4. a) endoscope with biopsy b) Urea breath test (looking for H.Pylori) c) condition-specific tests
5. treat the underlying cause + remove caustic factors (ETOH, NSAIDs)

Source: AAPA/PAEA Exam Review book

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