PANCE Review: Postual HypOtension (aka Orthostasis)

I have slowly begun to start studying for my boards... well at least organized my thoughts around studying for the PANCE... so many of my next posts will be dedicated to PANCE topics. I highly recommend visiting the official NCCPA site to get a list of the covered topics so help focus your studying. If it isn't on the Blueprint list, it isn't going to be on the exam. PANCE Blueprint site

Let's start simple:
Postual HypOtension (aka Orthostasis)

Def: A >20mmHg drop in SYSTOLIC BP between Supine and Sitting and/or Standing positions

If accompanied by an INCREASE in pulse by 15bpm = likely cause is DECREASE in BLOOD VOL (bleeding, dehydration, etc)

If is not accompanied by an increase in pulse = likely causes are meds or peripheral neuropathies

Tx: treatment is directed at the cause!

Source: AAPA/PAEA Exam Review Book

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