General Pituitary Gland Pathology 101

Location: centrally in the sphenoid bone of the skull within the sella turcica

Adenohypophysis: Another name for the anterior pituitary. Develops from Rathke's pouch (in the mouth)

Anterior Pituitary Cells:
-Somatotrophs - produce GH
-Lactotrophs - produce prolactin
-Corticotrophs - produce adrenocorticotrophic hormone (ACTH) and melanocytic-stimulating hormone (MSH)
-Thyrotrophs - produce TSH
 -Gonadotrophs - produce FSH and LH

Neurohypophysis: Another name for the posterior pituitary. Develops from the brain.

Posterior Pituitary Cells
-produce ADH and oxytocin

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