My first couple days in Neurosurgery have been awesome. I have spent 90% of the time scrubbing into cases so I have had the chance to participate is some cool surgeries. Next week I will spend some time on the floors as well as in the OR which I am looking forward to.

Some of the procedures that I've been in on this week:
1. C1-C3 Fusion for an occipital fx
2. Carpal Tunnel release
3. Lateral Approach L3-L5 fusion for scoliosis
4. Burr Hole and EVD placement
5. Cranioplasty

The Cranioplasty was one of my favorite so far, so that is what I'll write about today.

1. Cosmetic restoration of external skull symmetry
2. Sx relief secondary to craniotomy
3. Protection from trauma in an area void of skull bone

Material Options (some):
1. Methylmethacrylate
2. Titanium mesh
3. Split thickness calvaria
*It is recommended that foreign materials be perforated to prevent fluid collections underneath

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