Top 10 Things To Brush Up On Before Internal Med Rotations

I finished up rotation #2 this week: internal medicine. Two down, seven to go. All and all I had a good rotation... tough... but good. My attending was a big fan of pimping so I had several moments per day of high stress, but I learned a ton.

PROs - I saw a good deal of very complex patients and was able to see cases involving most every organ system --  and I feel way more comfortable with polypharm because most of my patients were on at least 15 medications. I also have more confidence in writing comprehensive daily notes.
CONs - Due to the fact that I was on a chronic care service, I did zero procedures.

Top 10 things to brush up on before an internal med rotation, esp a chronic service (pathophysiology, labs, treatment):
5-Renal insufficiency
6-Hip Fx
7-Fall work ups
8-Dementia/Mental Status Changes
10-Understanding electrolyte changes/Nutrition (for example, Ddx of hypernatremia/hyperkalemia and the what low levels of albumin/prealbumin indicate)

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