Orthopedics, Essential Resource

As I have mentioned before, my life prior to becoming a PA was based primarily in orthopedics. I have collected some great resources over the years and Essentials of Musculoskeletal Care 3rd Ed. is one of them. There are LOTS of ortho books out there, but I love this one for the following reasons:

1. It has straight to the point information on most of the major orthopedic injuries that you will come across
2. It has a section for joint evaluation with photos
3. It has a CD that contains pdf style exercise sheets for all of the injuries that it talks about in the book (Bonus: it allows you to customize the header to include the patient's name and your name so it looks very professional)
4. ICD-9 codes are included
5. It has Netter anatomy pictures

Netter Anatomy
"How to" Joint Examinations
Overview Page

Index, Examples of Shoulder Injuries



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  2. Very nice post there is . Such kind of post helpful for treatment of osteoarthritis.

  3. I also read that book, and I was amazed with how they illustrated the muscles, bones and the joints, and how they tackled rehabilitation and exercises using the attached DVD. I'm planning to buy its 4th edition, a Kindle version, so that I can easily read it wherever I go.

    Sienna Christie