Capital Hill Visits

A couple of weeks ago I flew to DC to attend the Advocacy and Gov't Affairs Commission meeting at the AAPA. A part of the planned activities included a visit to Capital Hill to speak one-on-one with Senators and Congress(wo)men from our home states about issues that concern PAs and their practice of medicine.

The top 3 issues that were discussed were:
[please note links only available to AAPA members, once you sign in you will have access to background information and talking points]

1. Expanding Medicaid Health IT Incentives to PAs
2. Allowing PAs to Order Home Health Services
3. Allowing PAs to Rx Hospice Care

I initially thought it was going to be an intimidating process, but the AAPA staff worked really hard to prepare us with all of the material and handouts that we needed. Some of the AGAC members meet with politicians directly, while others met with health staffers. All and all I really enjoyed the experience and look forward to the next trip! About 1 week after my visit I received an email from one of Congressman Michaud's health staffer indicating that he was now willing to co-sign a bill to expand Medicaid Health IT Incentives to PAs! What great news! One step at a time...

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