Let's Get This Party Started

I'm 10 days into my vacation from PA school, thus my sanity is just returning to normal. Coming off a 7 day, 8 exam, 2 paper stint... my brain took its time with the recovery phase. I'm currently at Northeastern heading into my final semester of 1st year status. Eight classes on the summer schedule and I'm excited... I'm pretty sure that the excitement and anticipation of clinical rotations will float me through the summer semester.

I decided to start up a blog for a couple of reasons:
1) When I first decided that I was interested in becoming a PA, I scoured the internet for everything and anything I could find on what it was going to be like... the schooling, the job opportunities, the trials and tribulations... truly anything. As I've discovered... many of my classmates were the same way (Type-Aers on a mission). So I hope this blog can serve as a source of information for the information seekers and that I can help answer any questions you, my future colleague, may have.
2) I am very interested in the integration of social media into the delivery of health care. I believe that social media and blogs can serve as an integral part in the distribution of medical knowledge to patients as well as propel the shared decision making model (no, not informed consent).

This blog will be a combination of "Life as a PA student" and "FYIs for the Aspiring/Practicing PA". Feel free to contact me with any info requests or just to say hi.

All that we are is the result of what we have thought. -Buddha


  1. Bianca--great idea! I'm forwarding this to my gf Bonnie--she's applying to PA schools and planning on going into this field. Good stuff, my friend. Hope all is well with you!


  2. Excellent! Thanks for forwarding it on! Be well!