The Graceful Gymnast

One of the most important things you will learn… should learn… is how to balance. I dare to say, you won’t survive long without this skill.
Preferably you will do so in a graceful fashion, like a seasoned gymnast on a tight rope, keeping school, significant others, family and friends in perfect equilibrium and happiness. Sigh. The world ain’t perfect. More likely than not, you will look and feel like a waiter/waitress carrying one too many plates, rushing around trying to unload before disaster strikes.
I’m convinced that all of the PA program administrators get together before the first day of classes to plan exams at the least opportune time in each student’s life (or that is just what it feels like). I don’t know how they knew when my car was going to break down or when my hard-to-reschedule dental appointment was, but they did, and they scheduled something at that very moment. I am almost certain that supervisors have this sixth sense as well, so the quicker you transform into that graceful gymnast, the better off you will be.

Figure out what works for you. Some of my classmates kept one day a week as a personal, PA-free day, some did community service, while others hit the gym… or the bar. The point is: Find time for your friends and family. Find time for your studies. Most importantly, find time for YOU.  

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