PAProgramSearch.com: Great Pre-PA Resource

I recently received an email from Ken Johnson, the developer of PAprogramsearch.com. Ken and his significant other went to the same process that many of us did when searching for PA programs and also encountered the same frustrations. It is difficult to find out which schools have which requirements. I ended up with a spreadsheet of the schools that I was going to apply to, their prerequisites, and checkboxes for the things that I had completed. Since there's no standardization of PA programs and their prerequisites at this time is difficult for students to keep track of.... in comes PAprogramsearch.com.

This website allows you to check off particular classes that you have taken as well as shadowing hours, etc. And then produces a list of schools with the "match percentage". The site is very easy to use it appears to be up to date. I always recommend going to be official program website to double check the prerequisites (as they can change at any time) but this is a great place to start.

Financial disclosure: 
I have no monetary or other connections to this website or the developers . Just sharing a resource. 

Home page

Check off the classes that you have completed and add your GPA/Experience in hours at the top.

A list of "matches" is generated.


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