The PA Mentoring Project

While I was at the national AAPA conference in May in Washington DC, I learned about a new mentoring project that was recently launched. It is called the National Physician Assistant Mentoring Project. Their tagline is "PAs helping PAs". It was started by Robert Smith, PA–C and Habia Collier, PA–C.

The idea is to have more seasoned PAs be mentors for younger/new to the field PAs and PA students. These two physician assistants were very passionate about this program when they came to speak to the AOR.

This mentoring project is in its infancy, however it needs more PAs that are willing to be mentors in order for it to grow.  Check out their website at: www.PAmentoring.org

Hats off to these two for getting such a great idea up and running!

Pic Source: www.euphoricbirth.com


  1. Hi Bianca:
    Great post as usual. Do you think the PA Mentoring Project would help me considering my circumstances?

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