PANCE REVIEW: Get the Most Out of Studying

How do you get the most bang for your buck when studying for the PANCE? Below is a break down of the % of questions for each subject on the PANCE. If you are cramped for time to study - pick the categories with the highest yield. As you can see, CV + GI + Musculoskel + Pulm account for 48% of the questions on the PANCE! If you add Reproductive and EENT to the mix you are up to 65% of your exam.

Organ System             % of Exam Content
*Cardiovascular                      16
Dermatologic                            5
EENT                                        9
Endocrine                                  6
*Gastrointestinal/Nutritional  10
Genitourinary                            6
Hematologic                              3
Infectious Diseases                   3
*Musculoskeletal                     10
Neurologic System                    6
Psychiatry/Behavioral               6
*Pulmonary                              12
Reproductive                             8 
Total: 100%

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