EKG Quizzes

I am currently in emergency medicine and LOVING it. I can go from seeing a 2 yo with croup to an 85 yo with syncope. I've sutured ear lobes, faces, legs, and arms as well as seen a good amount of ortho and dermatology. It is just so diverse and exciting day in and day out. One of the most important things that I wanted to get out of this rotation of EKG interpretation. I had had a little bit in my other rotations, but not much.... I knew I would see a ton in the ED and I have. One of the docs in particular has been great about teaching me stuff and then making sure I see almost every EKG for that shift and then we discuss it. I went searching for a site to practice interpretations and came across EKG Quizzes and Lessons. It is basic but helpful. They only way to get good at them is to keep practicing!

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