DrawMD, Free iPad App (Patient Education)

One of my favorite parts of my jobs is educating patients about their medical troubles. Sometimes it is difficult to get the patient to visualize a specific surgery or procedure that you are about to perform. You end up drawing on a piece of paper or a white board (and it never really looks quite right!) DrawMD came out with an incredible app for the iPad. There are several different apps for different specialties such as ortho, OB/GYN, cardiology, general surgery, etc. You can sit with a patient with great pictures... explain the procedure, draw on the picture or add your own notes, and then send a copy to the patient or save it if you often explain the same procedure. The best part about this app is that it is FREE! See below for examples from the DrawMD - Cardiology.

There is a menu of different pics/procedures that are available.

Once you pick a general picture, there are picture "stamps" that you can add to describe procedures or anatomy.

You can draw on the pics for effect.

You can either write or type information on the picture.  Then select the "SEND" key on the bottom right.

Options for sending the image.

You may save the final product to your library for future use.

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