OB/GYN Study Sources

I have had a few people ask me which books I used to prepare for my OB/GYN rotation so I thought it would be a good idea to share with everyone. The 4 main sources that I used to study before/during my rotation are:

1. Blueprints: OB/GYN ($35-40)
2. Case Files: OB/GYN ($25-30)
3. Obstetrics, Gynecology, and Infertility (Great pocket guide) ($15)
4. UpToDate.com (which I can only use at the hospital because I do not have a personal subscription)

I wanted to share a little about the Case File series because although I had heard of them before, I hadn't used them -- but now that I have - I love the set up. Each chapter starts with a brief case vignette and a couple questions such as: What is the likely diagnosis? or What would you do next? Then you are given the answers along with a brief teaching section on the topic. Lastly, they give you 5 or so multiple choice questions covering the chapter material (answers included). By the end of each chapter I really felt like I knew the material. This set up may not be for everyone so I took some page-shots so you can check it out before you make the purchase. I borrowed mine from the school library for the duration of my rotation.

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