Hematology Pimping...

So this week I was asked some hematology questions (not my strength by far) and my answers were, let's just say, less than seamless. I was able to articulate the general idea, but nothing in detail. Needless to say I spent part of my weekend brushing up on heme!

Here are some of general questions that I was asked... I put the answers further down so you can test yourself to see if you can answer them.

1) What are 3 phases of response to vascular damage that lead to cessation of bleeding?
2) What is "platelet bleeding" vs "coagulation bleeding"?
3) What is PT and what factors does it assess?
4) What is aPTT and what factors does it assess?
5) What are the Vit K dependent anticoags?
6) What (enzyme) is responsible for the conversion of fibrinogen to fibrin?

1) vasoconstriction, primary hemostasis (platelet adhesion and aggregation), secondary hemostasis (fibrin clot formation)

2) Platelet = bleeding at mucosal sites, multiple little bruises, immediate bleeding after surgery/trauma

Coagulation = soft-tissue bleeding, occasional large bruises, delayed bleeding after surgery/trauma

3) Prothrombin time: fibrinogen, factors II, V, VII, X [extrinsic and common pathways]
{How I remember: if you're a PRO, then you're EXTRa good}

4) Activated partial thromboplastin time: fibrinogen, factors II, V, VIII, IX, X, XI, XII, prekallikrein, HMW kiniogen [intrinsic and common pathways]

5) Protein C and S

6) Thrombin

Source: Medicine Recall (Bergin)

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