Internal Medicine Pocket Resource

The attending that I am currently working with on my internal medicine rotation recommended Practical Guide to the Care Ofthe Medical Patient (Mosby's Practical Guides) [Spiral-bound] above all of the other "medicine manuals" out there. She recommended this particular book for the following reasons:

1) it has detailed information on multiple diagnoses - she said that it a great resource for a med/PA students and new residents because we don't yet have a detailed, working knowledge of a lot of the diagnoses (since we are still learning!). Many of the other pocket guides are brief "reminders" of diagnoses and are better suited for providers with more experience treating these illnesses.

2) it actually fits in your pocket - the Washington Manual does not fit in your pocket.

Her copy is well-worn and she claims that it was her most used book during her residency and for years after. The best part is that you can get a brand new copy for under $5. I just purchased a like-new used copy for 1 cent. I'll let you know my thoughts once I have a chance to use it.

So I rec'd this book in the mail and LOVE it. I honestly use it daily and it has been a great resource. It also has a lab results section so now I don't have to carry around a separate book for lab values. It also has a differential section and a drug dosage section. I'd recommend it highly and its really inexpensive - perfect for the student budget. 

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