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Alarm. Eat. Class. Class. Eat. Class. Study. Eat. Study. Sleep. Repeat. This is an easy schedule to find yourself keeping after you start school. You become a machine, a superhero of sorts. You will retain more than you ever though you could and you will also start to diagnose every person you see on the T or walking down the street. You won’t be able to shut it off. You will dream PA school. I promise you.
With all that being said, one of the keys to successfully completing PA school is the ability to have FUN. I am very lucky in that I have 33 wonderful classmates with whom I can let loose and laugh. 

Fun Class Photo with our T-shirts
Make plans, not just study dates, FUN dates! Below is a list of some fun things our class has done as well as some tips to help organize large group fun!
Blood Pressure Clinic @ Ruggles

We reserved a bar to celebrate finishing first semester. This was at 10:30am.

Fun Things:
1.     Meet up at our favorite local bar to watch sporting events
2.     Quick lunch dates between classes
3.     Class + Significant Other Meals (Thanksgiving!) – we had a potluck that was amazing!
4.     Secret Santa Gift Exchange
5.     Make T-Shirts!
6.     PA Bulletin Board
7.     Community Service Events
a.      Habitat for Humanity
b.     Soup Kitchen
c.      Sock Drive
d.     Blood Pressure Clinic
e.      Food for the homeless
f.       Toy Drive during Xmas
8.     Participate in National Service Month (April)
9.     Participate in National PA Week (Oct)
10.  Sign up for intramural sports (we had a volleyball team!)
11.  Work out together (We had a P90X ab Group for a while)

Habitat for Humanity - Boston

1.     Create an email list so that it is easy to send one email and contact everyone in the class (we used Google Groups)
2.     Use DropBox to share documents (sign up sheets for potlucks and class outlines)
3.      Be inclusive! Obviously you don’t need to invite everyone to everything, but its is just something to be aware of…
4.     Northeastern students feel free to contact me about discounted T-shirts. I have the insider information on how to get 40% off
5.     Include significant others in your plans if you can. We spend sooo much time together that they can feel left out – also its great to meet people’s better half!
6.     If you aren’t already signed up – try out Groupon.com or any of the group buying sites. They have great deals and maybe stuff that the group would like to do (whale watch, movie ticket discounts, concerts, etc)

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